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Adventure into a new pathway You can guide your leaders to see … Many trainers instruct businesses how to manage its people, but very few offer to actually partner with you in order to create a sustainable business improvement by actual process facilitation. On Track Experience / Lead4flow creates measureable results by reconstructing business flow through transformed individuals. This is however the result of process and not by design. PHILOSOPHY "People and more so leaders want to be in control, this resulting in the biggest fallacy on planet earth. Our obsession with wanting to be in control destroys the spirit of the human being and ultimately the soul of society or a great business." - Callie Roos It is the soul in a living organism that has in it the inherent capacity to trust and allow for others to become! For this we as leaders allow for the organic capacity in any organization to grow, be creative and innovate beyond the boundaries of the status quo. There is no future in staying where you are, neither in only dreaming about what is still to come. For you to advance you have to explore the boundaries of the unknown, the horizons of what is still to come. For this you need to believe in the intelligence of possibility where the unknown becomes your playing field. There is no future; we need to discover it as we go along. There is also no fear in this domain of leading, as the true spirit of man does not constitute fear. In the ON TRACK EXPERIENCE journey you will have to reclaim your true space as a human being with one life to live in fulfilling your purpose in life. All you were ever meant to have in this life is the inherent capacity to explore, to become, to discover, to love, to care. This is what it means to advance! Business leaders need to be in command more. What this would mean for those that follow, is a clear direction of where you are going and why, clarity on what you want and what your intent is, supported by a few guiding principles by which you live and are willing to die for. That is it, that's leadership. Until you have this picture clear in your own mind and what it means to you, you will always be uncertain and unclear and never be satisfied with your true calling. The On Track Experience or Lead4flow journey, guide leaders in what it means to be in command. For the rest we trust on the intuitive will of God to allow us, all of us, to make this world a better place. WHAT WILL YOU GET OUT OF SUCH AN EXPERIENCE: This approach is different, yet simple and therefore significant. In an integrated journey we focus on the following aspects, nothing more: First we need to challenge your current mental frame as leader or organization and empty or clear your underlying beliefs. For this to happen we create provoking experiences for you that allows for true reflection for yourself, understanding where you are are and new insight. Only then, through a process of intrinsic reframing, we will allow for alternatives to be explored. Then we play to the point that these new insights become the alternative pathway through a process of hard wiring. We believe that once a leader sees differently, he will never have to go back to his or her old ways again. This then is the challenging reframing part of the On Track Experience journey. Second we know that most leaders do not see a way forward because of their fears, uncertainties and risk of failing. Therefore they want more control to feel safe. For this they usually need to locally optimize their world of efficiencies, believing that it will give them the outcome they want. Well this is the biggest fallacy on the planet. Being in control of isolated entities, islands or functions will never give you optimized flow or the outcome you want. For this to change, you need to see differently. You need to understand that the creative zone in a business is not to be found in a specific element or function, but the most creative field lies between different entities. It is between entities in the overlap that you will discover genius and a collective or sharing intelligence. You therefore need to structure and manage processes across boundaries where it is the relationship between different entities that matter. A world of connectives and collaboration where there is always enough protective capacity to sustain flow and continuous movement. In this world the water always keeps on flowing, so does the dialogue and meaning, so the discovery. This then is the zone of optimized flow in the On Track Experience and Lead4flow journey. Thirdly we know that being in control only is not great leadership. To lead means to be in command more than anything else. This command is defined by how we as leaders guide overlapping processes, how we allow for the freedom of ideas to flow, how we build the trust in other to explore and discover, how we raise the confidence of others by walking away, how we end up becoming trustworthy ourselves. For this we are authentic, genuine and true to ourselves. We play where we are good at and in doing so become part of the rhythm that we so desperately need in our societies or businesses. The leader in command has a strong self with clear direction, a spirit of calmness and an intuitive skill to trust what is already there and waiting to be discovered. Not knowing or being in control is what defines them. This is what it means to be in command and this is ultimately what defines a leader in command in the On Track Experience journey. Demand or Command A fine line exists between a demanding and commanding leader. The need for control produces a demanding individual, which can result in a taxing workplace environment, ultimately affecting a company’s success. We unleash the potential within individual leaders to lead their world from the front with confidence, assertiveness, commitment and the tenacity to sustain results. The outcome is a leader that is ‘in command’! What else do we do in the On Track Experience / Lead4flow journey? The answer is nothing. This is what we do and what we are good at! ON TRACK EXPERIENCE / LEAD4FLOW TEAM FOR SUSTAINABLE IMPROVEMENT: Callie Roos, Alexis Moshodi, Arrie van Niekerk. Most important is the ability of the ON TRACK EXPERIENCE / LEAD4FLOW journey not only to guarantee a 10 to 35% improvement on the bottom line of the business but also to sustain it going forward. "In this journey it is not possible to go back. It will never be the same again." - Callie Roos You can mobilize / energize your business and leaders for advanced performance. • A facilitated business process for optimized flow in this time of complexity and often chaos that will impact the bottom-line of your business getting the results you want through transformed individuals. The outcome is the re-construction in how we optimize flow in the business.