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To be on purpose means to live your life forward to your original design. Or maybe for most of us it means to go back to your original design – to become what you were meant to be! 

The laws of purpose mean the following to me: 

  • You cannot at any time pin purpose to a place or time and say that you have arrived, I am here. You are continuously busy to find the purpose in your life and it will become clearer as you move forward (advance) and go towards it. It will not come to you, you will have to go towards it!
  • It is not what you are doing, but how you are doing it that really matters.
  • Purpose is waiting for you – you have to go towards your purpose. In other words it is already there – just go and find it!

Be very careful then ‘how’ you live your life. Live as though you know what is expected of a purpose-driven life and not as a person that does not know what it is. Do not waste your ‘clock’ time or energy for that matter. Make best use of every opportunity you get because we ‘always’ live in difficult and bad times. 

Do not waste your life by living without a purpose.  

So what is it that gets us to be so busy that we don’t have any time left for the most important things in life? 

Thoughts on a better life

  • We need a number of new skills and it never ends
  • We often have to generate additional business to make ends meet
  • We have to diverse our financial portfolio
  • We have to connect spiritually in many different ways
  • We need to explore continuous alternative education opportunities necessary to go forward


  • We are busy seven days of the week, we are just too busy
  • We need a day of rest (call it buffer days)
  • We often work 8 to 16 hours per day – maybe we should sleep more than what we work – sleep first then you work
  • Our kids have a lot of extramural activities every day
  • We are often on the road driving sometimes between 1 to 5 hours every day – try to use this time more productively

Social connections

We do not have many friends anymore or we do not spend time with our friends 
We do not have time or energy to spend with our families 
We often need to ‘buy’ a relationship with our kids.


  • We have to be available 24/7. Cell phones do not provide you any privacy if you do not make a decision to sometimes switch it off.
  • TV / internet are getting worse as we spend more time on both.
  • We watch reality TV shows instead of living a real life.
  • Everything has got to happen with speed. Things are happening too slowly or we just do not have enough time for everything we would like to do.
  • You isolate yourself because you want to protect yourself and your time. We are impatient and in a hurry and this often leads to frustration

The question is: 
Where is the locus of control in your life? Is it the stuff around you that control your life or is it what is on the inside that really counts? Things like your convictions, values, meaning and beliefs. 

I guess we have become so busy that we have a ‘blindness’ for the opportunities all around us every day. That is the stuff we actually want to do more of and for this we need to open our eyes. 

Four things we could try to live by and focus on more:

  1. Insight into reality – what is really happening to us and the most important people in our lives?
  2. A quality life – we need to create more balance and for this we need to learn to say ‘no’. Even better we need to find the right blend. You might give the right balance but still be totally off course with your true purpose.
  3. Gratitude – to live our lives with more thankfulness, joy and enthusiasm.
  4. Do the right things – to focus on what really matters, to do less but do it as good as you possibly can, to make everyday and everything that you do in that day a success.

Lastly, here is what I do with my time as best I can:

  • Do the most important things early in the morning – first.
  • Use the middle part of the day for admin and logistics (from email to all the other tasks you need to do)
  • Use the latter part of the day for ministry. This is where you wander around; spend time with loved ones, family or friends. Drink some good red wine.

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