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With more than 20 years experience working in a corporate environment facilitating change, Callie Roos and associates have developed the unique ability to understand systems thinking, cultural change and the importance of business processes for advancement.
Callie Roos

CALLIE ROOSFacilitator. Speaker. Author. Philosopher. Change Agent. Mentor.

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From: Special Forces Operator. Land and Sea Survival Specialist. Pastor. Senior Military Staff Officer. Community Leader. Honorary Game Ranger.
To: Facilitator. Speaker. Author. Philosopher. Change Agent. Mentor.

Callie Roos has a unique blend of leadership experience crossing the boundaries of nature, military and the spiritual realm making him one of the biggest game changers of his time.

Callie is able to use his philosophies and experiences from the wilderness and lessons learnt in the military and corporate world to bring new revolutionary thinking and solutions to everyday businesses, future leaders, youth and communities. He follows a unique approach as he uses the African Bushveld Savannah as the backdrop against which he unpacks businesses and their operations.

He then uses the principles of an open system to explore the interdependencies and how everything is connected. For this you will be out of control and learn what it means to be in Command as a leader.

He has a proven track record of 19 years assisting over 200 businesses across multiple sectors, making a significant impact on tens of thousands of participants. He is also regarded as a top speaker in South Africa.

Alexis Moshodi

ALEXIS MOSHODI Social Entrepreneur. Facilitator. Certified Business Coach.

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Social Entrepreneur. Facilitator. Certified Business Coach.

Alexis’s unique journey having started working as an underground surveyor, facilitator, then moving to HRD, which included Transformation and Employment Equity has equipped him with the remarkable ability to work with different levels of people from Exco to Operational staff to unlock personal growth and development.

Where his journey through the organisational structures sparks a unique interest in creating a Thinking Space where individuals can unlock their unique value they can contribute through reflection, guidance and having a safe space to act.

He also focuses on assisting the right guidance with a unique interest in the role NeuroLeadership has to play.

Nadine Benade

NADINE BENADEDirection Giver. Knowledge Imparter.

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Direction Giver. Knowledge Imparter.

Nadine is known in the industry as a direction giver and knowledge imparter as she brings hope to individuals, team and organisation through her experiential and practical approach to reframe peoples’ mind to achieve personal and organisation goals.

She worked for almost two decades in the Corporate Business environment before she started a Training, Coaching and Consulting Company six years ago. She partners with the Public Sector and various Private Sectors such as Construction, Mining, Financial, Medical and Educational Industries.

The experience she brings to any team or organisation includes Leadership, Management and Talent Development, Performance Management, Team Development, Project Management, Business skills development and Behaviour skills development.

Nadine’s education in Business Management, Business Communication, Human and Business Psychology, Business and Life Coaching and ODETDP qualification support her experience in these and other areas. She is registered with COMENSA as a Business and Life Coach, a Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) practitioner, a Thinking Environment of Nancy Kline practitioner and a Parallel Thinking of Dr Edward de Bono Practitioner.

Arrie van Niekerk

ARRIE VAN NIEKERK Facilitator. Implementor.

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Facilitator. Implementor.

Arrie van Niekerk is a specialist Facilitator of the TOC (Theory of Constraints) in Mining. He was the project leader for the implementation of TOC in more than 80 mines and 15 manufacturing companies and has 18 years’ experience in this field. Over the past 14 years, he developed a derivative of TOC for the mining industry, called TOC Production Flow for Mining and this approach is producing remarkable improvements in many mining companies. The implementations ranged from improving existing operations to the development of layout and flow models for new mines. Improvements of up to +40% increase in output have regularly been achieved.

These projects were supported and enhanced through partnerships with other specialists like Callie Roos. In partnership with Callie Roos and Associates, the upward shift in leadership, improved communication and good teamwork were remarkable in every instance. Companies with whom these actions were successfully undertaken are: Goldfields, Exxaro, Kumba Iron ore, Anglo American, Anglo Gold Ashanti, De Beers, Anglo Platinum, Impala Platinum & Lonmin.

Thousands of people describe Callie Roos as a revolutionary game changer.

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