The African Tracker

The African Tracker Keynote by Callie Roos

Can I be on track with my personal life from a higher purpose, relationship and business perspective? What is it I want to believe about this one journey that I am on?

In this keynote the basic instinctive principles of tracking in the African Wilderness will become your playing field for discovery and new meaning.   You will learn what it means to be in command of your journey and no longer a victim of other people’s agendas. The biggest discovery that you will make is that what you were looking for was already invested.  It is there and it is waiting for you.  The bottom line is that a life of true significance is a very simple science to follow.

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The African Survivor

The African Survivor Keynote by Callie Roos

What are then the fundamental laws that need mastering to move beyond a life of merely basic survival? How do we come to understand the value of the "other" in our team? How does one experience connecting to others, abundance, peace, synergy and momentum?

In our determination to obtain control, wealth and power, mankind has created a jail filled with a community of consumers. It never shares, has no creativity and lacks the ability to identify when enough is enough. We have become Takers and in doing so we have progressively destroyed our ability to become real team players.  You can break these barriers by learning how to recognize the bars of imprisonment and breaking down the mental frames that label you as a Taker. This keynote is designed to help you see the big picture and the limitless possibilities it has to offer.  

The paradox in the survival story is that your current mental frame is the reason for your downfall and the potential failure of the team and therefore the business as a whole. This needs to change and it will. Drawing from his experience of survival in the African wild, Callie teaches you how to thrive by applying real life principles in the everyday "urban jungle".

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The African Buffalo

The African Buffalo Keynote by Callie Roos

Why would we ever want to learn from the animal kingdom if we deem ourselves at the top of the food chain?

The African Buffalo keynote displays its significance by simply being the buffalo who they are.  Why then is it so challenging for humans to follow suit as a ‘superior species’? Maybe this is our biggest dilemma that our mental processes and current framing is just too powerful and reinforced to change.  The bottom line is we want to be in control and it is all driven by fear.  The fear of failing or even worse not making it still in your time.  Is there then a lesson to be learned from the most profound experiences with the African Buffalo. The answer is a definite yes.  Learn what it means to be in full command as a leader. 

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Beyond Enemy Lines

Beyond Enemy Lines Keynote by Callie Roos

What does it mean to be in Command but out of Control?

This keynote is about the essence of truly inspirational leadership and how it will redefine your understanding of mission command as an approach to leadership that will unlock not only the leader in people but also the success of the team. Ask yourself this defining hypothetical question: If you were to go into the 'war zone' of great business, can you really trust your team members to make the right decisions on all levels in your absence? If not, why not? Isn't this what you want?

The absence of this ability will make you business slow and ineffective. The pressure will build up and when this happens your whole business is at risk. The question we will answer is: 'what then is still possible for you to achieve as a leader in this very hostile and challenging marketplace?

This keynote will redefine you understanding of leadership and help you to shift from a 'I am in control' paradigm to one where you will get what you want through a process of instinctive thinking. For this you will have to let go on your current belief system of control and replace it with one of only centralized intent and direction with decentralised execution. This is the future for great leaders. 

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