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As I, Callie Roos, grew older, I became aware of a world in which many individuals feel powerless, hopeless, and helpless. It appears they always want to play the victim, blaming others for their circumstances. And unfortunately, there are instances where people and institutions do indeed inflict harm upon us. This is the reality we live in. However, a significant shift occurred within my mind that not only changed my identity but also altered my understanding of what it means to be human. It is within this context that I choose to maintain a mindset of growth and progress, regardless of my circumstances. I strive for a state where nothing remains stagnant, where life and work exist on the precipice of the unexpected, and within this realm, I discover continuous personal development and ultimate fulfilment. If I fail to achieve this, I will always seek equilibrium, desiring control and rejecting opportunities for change. I consider myself proactive and independent, actively seeking collaborations and working towards a common purpose. My life is in a constant state of motion. Because of this realization, I can only perceive life and everything beyond it as a single, interconnected entity. This understanding creates a sense of connection between all things if only I could fully grasp it. Often, when I enter a business establishment such as a car dealership, restaurant, general store, bank, or government service department, I can observe the absence of flow and the frustrations that accompany it, while others seem oblivious. I often search for the next-level supervisor or manager, thinking that if it is so apparent to me, I would love to share my observations with them. However, it baffles me that they often become offended, distant, and refuse to consider my input or work with it. Why is it they cannot see what I see? It all boils down to a high level of attentiveness, where one can perceive things for what they truly are. This ability to see what others cannot is what sets us apart as leaders. However, individuals who cultivate their innate capacity to generate flow experience a sense of harmony and transformation, turning it into a guiding principle. - Callie Roos - Fast Track Business for Growth “Flow is a state of being when we are completely focused, and fully immersed in what we are doing. In flow our work seems effortless, creativity goes into overdrive, we feel inspired, and motivation springs forth from within.” - Dragos Bratasanu You may reprint this article as long as you leave it as is and credit the author: CALLIE ROOS – www.callieroos.com