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Embrace a wider sense of purpose

Callie in action
Embrace a wider sense of purpose These notes suggest that the key to success in business lies in discovering the potential that already exists within the context of our lives. Businesses with high spiritual capital can see beyond narrow goals and embrace a wider sense of purpose, sharing their wealth with others and fostering a sense of community. Such businesses can adapt to adversity with ease and maintain a sense of humility and compassion for others. They celebrate diversity with dignity and respect and raise fundamental questions about purpose, reason and meaning without fear. Ultimately, these businesses leave a legacy that transcends commercial success and enriches the lives of those around them. It is only now that one begins to understand how important it is to be grateful for who you are and what you have. That is why we can appreciate, and we can give recognition. If it was only about me, and not the significant other there would always be a lack of openness and spontaneity. This is why I see my job, as my fundamental reason for being a true service. This is why I will always release creative energy at all levels of the business. Why I will never give up on my belief that people can be responsible, creative, energetic and solve problems. That is why I look at myself as the one who should only try to release these energies in people and for that reason can only think of myself as a coach who chooses to mentor and support others. To ignite the passion that things can be different. The ultimate guide in life and tracking. Maybe this is why we can allow for mistakes if we take responsibility and never have to lie or hide away or blame. If I think of myself as having to control everything then there is no purpose as I will never be free to discover my destiny. I guess what we need is trusting relationships with open conversations in an atmosphere where people can have fun. But there is one missing link in all of this and that is the ability to take ownership, the ability to respond. We have lost this on the planet, I guess. And yes, we can blame it on the religious institutions, the educational systems, the teaching in our families of the absence of it, but now is the time to take it back. The one who can become accountable, but not through control, a leader, who is humble, grateful and willing to serve, is what we need. A leader that has consequences and has an impact. A leader who can guide others to no longer become victims of their circumstances but start participating in creating new circumstances and new realities for themselves. Leaders who can look at this place and say to themselves this is mine and I will get it to work as my commitment is towards what it means to be a human being that can always learn and grow together. – Callie Roos